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Empowering people

It's all about people. How they work, interact and how they grow as a person. Our work is to connect people, create a community, where each person is important, where corporate colides with the creatives and freelancers, where collaboration and co-creation is a must, demanding that offices grow into dynamic meeting places.

IDEIAhub offer an experience

We offer an experience, and we believe that amazing things can happen when people get together.

That’s why we’re building and empowering a community of talented people doing exciting things and to create something greater than themselves. 

We offer a set of services that redefine how work is done, helping real people do real business. Our community members have a choice to work differently, that enables them to accelerate and be successful. 

We provide all you need for an effective and efficient workplace, we provide the possibility to all the “hubbers” (community members) to be more agile, focused and more successful. Where the experience goes beyond the great working environment, giving the community feeling, a reinvented networking concept where everything and everyone are connected.

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Av. D. Joao II Nº35 11ºA, 1990-083 Lisboa, Portugal

P: +351 210 126 565

Avenida Fontes Pereira De Melo Nº 16, Lisboa, Portugal

P: +351 210 999 600

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Why did you decide to come to Lisbon? I always wanted to visit Lisbon and when we were choosing the place for next meetup all voted for Lisbon.

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