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by Pedro Mouta

The Root of Entrepreneurship: Think Different

What I’m about to share with you is a very controversial and harsh point of view about how the human society works. Be warned that I do not share this with people on a daily basis (nor I recommend you do) because not everyone is ready or interested in performing an in-depth reasoning about life. […]

27th September 2017
by Pedro Mouta

The Beliefs of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

I’m an admirer of the Mr. Seth Godin principles. No one has ever defined with such perfection all that I stand for. I’m an honest and genuine follower of someone who, among many fascinating ideas, shares that our actual public education still resonates immensely with the industrial revolution paradigm, which is the same as saying that our whole society is […]

22nd September 2017
by Pedro Mouta

Finding investment for the first time

Every time I remember my first meeting with an investor, I cannot avoid laughing a little bit. We were in the middle of 2015, two friends and I were creating our very first startup – Walkamole, a business that generated more than 80k€ in revenues in less than 6 months (feel free to read the […]

18th September 2017
by João Tomásio

Curious about the Portuguese Startup Scene?

We all know that Portugal is a fantastic country of nice people and sunny beaches. The news is that recently we also started to get noticed for our booming startup scene! Portinnova is a new source for tech, business and startup culture. Here you will have the chance to get informed about the Portuguese startups, […]

13th September 2017