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with Nuno Morgadinho

“WidgiLabs is a Portuguese company leading the way with WordPress”, Nuno Morgadinho

When Nuno and Ana left the European Space Agency and returned to Portugal, they realized they had a common dream: to launch a company. Since then WidgiLabs has established itself in the Portuguese market as a company specializing in WordPress, as well as the creation of digital presence on the web. The company’s portfolio includes […]

10th May 2018
with Filipe Boldo

“Cryptocurrency is just one example of possible uses for Blockchain technology”, Filipe Boldo

The first edition of Blockspot Conference took place in Lisbon and brought together 250 professionals to talk about Cryptoeconomics, Blockchain, and Bitcoin. This was the first event in the Iberian Peninsula about these topics. In this interview, the Blockspot Media CoFounder, Filipe Boldo, told Portinnova that Cryptocurrency is just one example to use Blockchain technology […]

11th December 2017
with Bruno Pereira

Talking Innovation with Bruno Pereira from TV App Agency

Six years after its launch, TV App Agency has been growing year on year to become a key player in the art of the OTT (over the top) which allows a range of content owners, distributors, Telcos, operators to distribute video content online. From television to mobile phones, you have probably already used their applications […]

13th November 2017