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Portinnova is the international source for news, events, jobs, knowledge and other inspiring content about the Portuguese startup, innovation and business ecosystem.  It involves all the agents surrounding this large community, offering them a platform where they can showcase their brand, expertise and services at a national and international level. It connects executives, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, helping them to make smart decisions and grow their business.

As an English-only platform, Portinnova reaches a targeted international audience with professional interest in Portugal and plays a major role connecting Portugal to the global tech and innovation community. It acts as a collaborative resource which encourages its members and followers to take an active role to its development and to bring on their projects, successes, ideas and best practices.

Here’s how you can work with Portinnova, showcase your brand, speak to the right audience and engage with your community.

Portinnova Stage (€):

Portinnova Stage gives you a page with your company profile on, where you can connect with our audience and community. Here you will show your company culture, having the chance to reach national and international influential stakeholders, amplify the impact of your content through featured editorials and guest articles, attract new customers, partners or investors, and interact with all the other “stagers”. Join here.

Startup Providers (€):

Startup Providers highlight your company and your expertise among startup ecosystem. Here you will be part of a curated group of companies, organized by categories and regions, which offer external services for companies and entities connected to the startup ecosystem. You can also amplify your notoriety and awareness through Portinnova platforms, be seen by those who visit our website, reach and establish contacts with professionals, and attract and generate new business. Join here.

Sponsored Articles (€):

You can request our editorial team to create an article about your company, upcoming event or project. All sponsored articles will appear as a “Featured Article” on Portinnova homepage, and will be promoted through our social media channels and our newsletter. Remember that your topic should meet Portinnova editorial criteria and audience interests. Get your sponsored article here.

Post Your Job offers (€):

When you choose Portinnova to publish a job opening you know you will be targeting a national and international audience of tech and business professionals with interest in Portugal. This offer allows you to manage the job posts yourself and make updates whenever you like. Job posts cost is €59 each for 60 days. You can start posting your job here.

Promote your event (€):

Portinnova offers you a special pack to help you to make your event a success. When you choose Portinnova you know you are targeting the best audiences for your event. Our special pack includes 30 days advertising on the event banner and a featured editorial to be promoted through Portinnova newsletter and social media channels. Event promotion cost is €249 each. You can start promoting your event here.

Headbanner advertising (€):

Portinnova offers you the chance to make advertising on our homepage headbanner. Here you will enjoy views from all our visitors and find a fast way to promote your new service or event, as well as your brand and expertise. Headbanner promotion cost €99 and go active for 60 days. Find out more here.

Guest Articles (free):

Members of the Portuguese and worldwide entrepreneurial and tech community are encouraged to share their news, stories or events with our national and international audience through a guest post. Keep in mind that opinion articles should be 100% original and mostly educational. Of course you can also make references about you and your company.  If you are unsure about your writing ability in English, not to worry. We’re happy to help edit or “touch up” your post as necessary. Start your guest post here.

Publish Your Event (free):

Help us to have the most complete networking calendar for all the tech and startup related events in Portugal. All of the upcoming events also appear in our newsletter and social media channels. Publishing an event on Portinnova is FREE and you can do it by yourself here.


If you have any questions or want to propose alternative ideas of collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are also available for specific projects concerning your Digital Marketing and communication.