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João Tomásio

Startup Ourém will open its doors this year

The protocol between NERSANT – Business Association of the Region of Santarém and the Municipality of Ourém for the creation of Startup Ourém has already been signed between NERSANT – Business Association of the Region of Santarém and the Municipality of Ourém. This new structure will aim to attract and install new business projects in this […]

9th July 2018
João Tomásio

HUUB raises 2,5M€ early stage investment in an oversubscribed round

HUUB is the latest Portuguese startup announcing an investment. Categorized as an early stage round, the money raised, three times the average amount of seed stage investments in Europe according to 2017 European Venture Capital Report, helps the startup to get well positioned towards the next goal: Series A investment. The Portuguese Venture Capital “Pathena” […]

29th May 2018
João Tomásio

Startup Braga 5th Acceleration Program takes on its international dimension

The 5th Startup Braga Acceleration Program powered by NOS revealed the 13 startups that will participate in this initiative, which has a strategic partnership with the Portuguese communications and entertainment group NOS. This company will play a key role in helping these companies grow. The focus is always on startups of cutting-edge technology in medical […]

6th March 2018
João Tomásio

"We want foreign companies to set up an office in Portugal", Simon Schaefer, Startup Portugal CEO

Startup Portugal, a state entity that acts upon the development of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, has just completed one year. During the celebrations, the company’s CEO, Simon Schaefer, announced the investment of several million euros to bring Portuguese startups to attend some of the biggest technology events in the world. The first one will be […]

24th October 2017
João Tomásio

Portuguese startups are likely to operate in the B2B sector and have their eyes on the internationalization

While a B2C focus seems to be especially important in the United Kingdom, Switzerland or Spain, countries such as Finland, Belgium or Portugal are very focused on B2B users. In fact, according to the European Startup Monitor (ESM) 2016, more than half of Portuguese startups (66.1%) operate mainly in the B2B sector, above the European […]

12th October 2017
João Tomásio

Portugal is the fourth European country with companies in a startup stage

Just after Netherlands, Slovenia, and France, Portugal occupies the fourth position with companies in a Startup stage (with 56.6% of the overall startup companies in this stage), according to the European Startup Monitor (ESM) 2016. Together with Seed stage (18.6%), these companies reach more than 75% of the global Portuguese Startup market, above the European […]

29th September 2017
João Tomásio

The most common startup mistakes

Launching a startup is difficult and even when entrepreneurs have an incredible idea, complex problems arise. Most startups face failure, some don’t event launch at all. The reasons are usually quite similar, here’s a list of the most common mistakes: 1- Ignoring numbers and sticking to wishful thinking You need to be realistic about financial estimations, analyze […]

25th September 2017