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What is Portinnova

Portinnova is a leading source for news, events, jobs, knowledge and other inspiring content about the Portuguese startup ecosystem, both locally and internationally. It connects executives, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, helping them to make smart decisions. Portinnova offers a platform where companies can showcase their brand, expertise and services.

How we add value

Informing through featured editorials, interviews, opinion articles, newsletters and our social media channels. And promoting events, job offers and startups and other key stakeholders which make part of the startup ecosystem, as well as other companies which provide key external services for startups and startup agents.

Making a difference

Our aim to get together and highlight the major players that make part of the startup scene and contribute for Portugal development and worldwide promotion as a world leading hub for tech and innovation.

As an English-only platform who intends to offer the best information, an active participation from the community we serve is extremely important.

Share your stories and knowledge. Learn about how to work with us!

Portinnova. Where Portuguese startup scene comes together.